Swamp Boys Seeds

Only the Finest Strains of Cannabis Seeds

Swamp Boys Seeds specializes in providing the finest strains of cannabis.  Our current selection of seeds consists of 6 different crosses with our Georgia Pine male and 6 different crosses with our Orange Blossom Trail male.  See the descriptions of these amazing parent plants below:

Georgia Pine

(Killer Queen G13 x Williams Wonder)

This hybrid is family created and held in very high regard in our circle. A very complex terpene mix of gasoline, mentholatum, black licorice, all lying under a vivid watermelon smell that is so pronounced, it smells electric. Classic Afghani structure on the male that was chosen for our Georgia Pine crosses. This parent plant’s offspring have proven to produce heavy yields and heavy trichome coverage, consistently testing at over 20%+.

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Orange Blossom Trail

(Old Florida Orange Skunk)

Old school Florida Orange Skunk Bud. Classic Skunk 1 that absolutely reeks of oranges. Trichome coverage that’s heavy enough to hang with our world famous White. Huge tops and plenty of chunky speared middle flowers on the father used for these crosses. This father lends bag appeal deluxe. We couldn’t be more excited to finally share this classic with you.

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